Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

The 2016 Digital Packaging Summit will feature a range of industry experts discussing the trends and topics attendees need to help them make difficult decisions and deploy solutions.  The program will feature Conference Co-Chairs Marco Boer, Vice President of IT Strategies and Kevin Karstedt, CEO of Karstedt Partners, and several other industry thought leaders and experts.

Marco Boer, Vice President, IT Strategies (Conference Co-Chair)

Marco Boer

Marco Boer is recognized as a trusted consultant to the digital printing industry.   He has a reputation for being able to put complex information and concepts into a context that is easily understood by his audience.  With more than 22 years of experience in advising and guiding senior executives of Fortune 1000 and smaller innovative companies to successful business solutions in emerging digital printing markets, Mr. Boer has developed an extensive network of industry contacts in both the printing and investor community.

Mr. Boer is Vice President at I.T. Strategies where he focuses on product planning for graphics, transaction, and publishing printers and emerging industrial digital printing applications such as label printing, packaging printing, other non-document applications.  During his tenure in the industry he has concentrated on researching applications and sizing markets for ink jet and laser printing technology, and has been a proponent for the use of digital color printing in business and industrial applications.  Mr. Boer is an alumnus of the University of Maryland located in College Park, Maryland.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and international business.  Mr. Boer has lived and traveled extensively through Europe, and has spend more than 500 days in Japan during his career in the digital printing industry.

Kevin Karstedt, CEO, Karstedt Partners, LLC  (Conference Co-Chair)


Company founder and CEO, Kevin Karstedt has been a sought after speaker on digital workflows and Digital Printing for many years. Kevin has been asked to speak on four continents and has presented to 1000s of people at venues large and small. He has been in 100s of plants, spoken to 1000s of innovators, and signed and initiated 100s of Non Disclosure Agreements. It has been said about Karstedt Partners that they know more about "what's 'cookin' in the kitchen" at technology developers than the patent office.

Building on a corporate reputation of being both visionary and pragmatic, Karstedt Partners, LLC offers insightful and actionable guidance to companies looking to; use existing technologies in innovative ways, build new processes or solutions and bring them to market, validate business and technology prospects. Since 1996 Karstedt Partners has been a trusted source for insights, innovations, and consulting services to constituents in all sectors of the consumer products and packaging supply chain. Brand Owners, Graphic Service Providers, Package Printers, and OEMs have counted on Karstedt Partners counsel and guidance with developing efficient and effective workflows and tools aimed at improving time-to-market and product quality.

Ron Gilboa, Director, InfoTrends

Ron Gilboa BR

Ron Gilboais a Director of InfoTrends' Functional & Industrial Printing Advisory Service and involved in graphics communications since 1980. Ron's skills and experience span print industries including industrial such as packaging and decorative printing , functional such as 3D printing, membrane switch priting, graphics arts such as publishing and transaction printing as well as range vertical industry segments. Ron is an expert in developing market strategy; go to market, research, forecasting, consulting, and editorial content for emerging industrial print segments.

Ron has extended technology background in workflow process, digital imaging, as well as printing with focus of a range of inkjet printing technologies. InfoTrends advise a range of companies in the digital printing and imaging arena ranging from core technology suppliers, material & media suppliers, print engine developers, to integrated workflow suppliers.

David Luttenberger, CPP, Global Packaging Director, Mintel Group Ltd.

Dave Lutt.

David Luttenberger is the Global Packaging Director at Mintel Group, Ltd., the leading market intelligence firm serving the global CPG and packaging converter markets. In this role David leads a team seasoned packaging analysts and helps guide the packaging-related research efforts at Mintel. He regularly presents to retailers, CPGs, packaging converters and package design and branding firms on packaging trends and innovations, design, sustainability, smart/active packaging, and mobile marketing for packaging. David has nearly 25 years' packaging industry experience, and he has earned "Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional" status..

Jeff Wettersten, President, Karstedt Partners, LLC

Jeff Wettersten

Jeff Wettersten is President of Karstedt Partners, consultants to the Packaging Supply Chain.  Karstedt Partners work with technology developers, retailers, brand owners converters/printers and suppliers in strategy development, product and market commercialization strategy, process optimization, and sales trainingKarstedt Partners is a global leader in business-to-business consulting and market research solutions for consumer product and packaging industries. Services include; strategic planning, independent or custom research studies and reports, business analysis/planning tools, interactive technology assessment, and ROI cost analysis tools.

Bob Leahey, Director, InfoTrends

Bob Leahey

Bob Leahey has many years of experience in consulting to the peripherals and supplies industries. At InfoTrends, where he has worked since 1996, he regularly conducts custom research projects, most often on laser, ink jet, thermal print technologies used for and industrial applications. In 2009, he started a subscription consulting service that focuses on the use of production level color digital presses for printing packaging and labels. Bob's clients include many printer and supplies manufacturers in all regions. He has also been author or co-author of many syndicated research reports, on topics such as color digital packaging and label presses, ink jet coders, and point of sale receipt printers. He is working now on a report about the current and prospective markets for digitally printed packaging in China.